First Professioal Course


Department of Sanskrit, Samhita & Sidhant

The Department deals with modules on history of Ayurveda, philosophy of Ayurveda, fundamental Principles of Ayurveda and introduction as well as briefings on various topics of Ayurveda. The Department has a library, museum and exhaustive collections of educational material for the smooth conduct of regular activities.This department helps to understand about the factors like constituency of the individual, etiology of the diseases, explanation of treatment principles etc.

The department deals with acclimatization of fresh student of Ayurveda to the beautiful world of Sanskrit. The various disciplines this department handles include grammatical aspects, literary aspects, philosophical aspects all these help in nurturing a fresh student. Most texts of Ayurveda were originally written in Sanskrit and it is therefore necessary that the students familiarize themselves with the language in order to imbibe the spirit of Ayurveda.

Department of SharirRachana

This department is analogous to that of anatomy of contemporary medical science and deals with anatomical aspects of the human body including histology, osteology etc. The department has a full fledged dissection hall with facilities for cadaver preservation 6-8 dead body for dissection purpose. It has a well preserved museum with rare specimens, Electronic charts of marma’s, Digital charts etc.

Department of SharirKriya

This department is equivalent to physiology and biochemistry of the contemporary medical science. It involves understanding of human physiology along with the principles of the functions of human body from Ayurvedic perspective. The department has a full fledged practical hall and laboratory for hematological, bio-chemical experiments, besides having another wing exclusively dedicated for human experiments. The students are exposed to various aspects of contemporary and Ayurvedic physiology.