Research Publication

Sr. no. Teachers name Research Publication Journal Publication
1 Dr. Morbale M.S. Concept of Shodhan
[Purification Process]
IAMJ 9 Sept.2015
Pharmaco - analytical study
of tamrabhamsa 
Oct - Dec. 2015
Review of TrivangBhasma
in Prameha
2 Dr. Yesane S.K. Pharmaceutico Analytical
study of shilasindur
AyurvedPatrika – Oct 2015
3 Dr.Vishwakarma P.R. Study of BilwaPatraSwaras
on PramehaLakshana
Subhadra - July 2015
4 Dr.Vishwakarma N.P. Shodhana& Shaman - The
Management of Madhumeha
Subhadra - July 2015
5 Dr. Wali D.S.   Clinical Study to Evaluate The
Efficacy of KulatthaYusha in
Sthaulya W.S.R. to Preobese
Anvesgana - May-
Concept of Trisutra
(Three Principals)
for Swastha (Healthy)
in Ayurveda
IJAAR Jul-Aug 2015
6 Dr. Shukla V.V. Effect of Mental Stress on
Functioning of Hridya
Anveshana Ayurveda
Medical Journal
7 Dr. Chingale A.A. Effect of DhatriBhallatakaVati
In Amavata With Special
Reference to Rheumatoid Arthrits
IJR Ayurveda Pharma
Jan-Feb 2016
  • Souvenir Publication of National Seminar on Prameha "MADHU 2015"

Dr. Veena G. Kanthi

  1. Mangement ofMadhumeha (Diabetes mellitus) with herbomineral compound Preparation, in Journal of Reasearch in Ayurveda & Siddha.Vol.XXV No.4 July-Dec.2004.
  2. Anti-emetic effect of Mauyurpuccha bhasma in Morning sickness-A comparative study , in quarterly journal of Arya vaidyashala –Kottakal, Vol.XIX No.4 ,May-July 2006,Page-252-254.
  3. Antimcrobial activity of Gokshuradi Guggulu , in CCRAS journal.
  4. Article accepted in CCRAS on Standardization of Abhraka bhasma.
  5. Article accepted in Aryavaidya on Contraceptive activity of Herbomineral formulation in albino rats.
  6. Food & Festival Medical importance of Tila {sesam seed) and Jaggary in Sankranti festival Published in Akshara Ghumata under Saksharata andolana (Campaign against illiteracy in Kannada Language.
  7. Medical importance of Mango (detail article ) in Kannada Language published in Akshara Ghumata.
  8. Physico-chemical analysis of Abhraka (Mica) bhasma. due for Journal of Drug research in Ayurveda and Siddha Vol XXXII. No 1-2- Jan – June 2011
  9. Evaluation of anti implantation & pregnancy interruption activity of Japakusuma (Hibiscus rosa senences). Sent for publication in Al Ameen Journal of medical sciences Nov 2011.
  10. Screening of Free radical scavenging activity of shilajatu sent for publication through RGUHS Oct 2010.
  11. “Anti implantation and Pregnancy Interruption Activity of Japakusuma & its combinations in Albino Rats.”British journal of medical heaith research 2014.
  12. Evaluation of anti implantation & pregnancy interruption activity of Japakusuma (Hibiscus rosa senences).International journal of Ayurveda and Pharmacy MAY - JUNE 2013’
  13. Screening of Free radical scavenging activity of Arogyavardhini Vati. International journal of Ayurveda and Pharmacy July - August 2013.