Salient Features

We had received a permission of Mahatma Jotiba Phule Jeevandayi Ayogya Yojana in college hospital, under which the poor people will get free medical treatment who are having yellow and Keshari Ration card. So take benefit of this yojana.

Dr. Nilesh P. Sabale

Gold Medal Winner –Spandan 2005 in Mimicry. (Maharashtra University for Health Sciences, Nashik)

In Mimicry 2nd Rank - Inter University Competition Indradhanushya 2006

Winner of Zee Marathi “Maharashtracha Superstar” Reality Show
Spandan 2005

Miss Samidha Patil – 2nd rank in Singing
Mr. Rahul Miley – 2nd rank in Tabala Wadan
Mr. Ashutosh Mokal – Gold Medal in Mimicry in MUHS, Nashik 'SPANDAN' Compitation 2017
Mr. Pavankumar Rohidas Bhoir : University Student Council Vice-President 2019
Miss Renuka Ambegaonkar

II Year – 4th Rank in University-2003-2004

III Year – 2nd Rank in University-2005-2006
Miss Shamal Naikare

III Year – 3rd Rank in University - 2006-07.
Miss Abhishree Lad

I Year – 4th Rank in University - 2011.
Mr. Shailesh Yashwant Mhaske

- II year 5th Rank in University Exam 2011
Ashwamedha Tournaments

Mr. Pravin Varute is selected for 100mtr. Running in 2007
Mr. Sandeep Patil   :   Kabbaddi – Year 2004,2005 ,2006 and Inter University Selection in 2005
Mr. Manoj Sankpal  :  Kabbaddi – Inter University Selection in 2006, 2007
Miss Swati Shinde  :  Kabbaddi - Ashwamedha Selection 2006
Miss Maya Gawade  :   Kho–Kho - Ashwamedha Selection 2011
Miss Tejal Shelar  :  Kho-Kho- Ashwamedha Selection 2011
Miss Mrunalini Kasare
Miss Maya Balu Gawade  :  Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection 2012
Miss Tejal Lahu Shelar  :  Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection 2012
Miss Sunita Dnyanoba Doltade  :  Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection 2012
Miss Shubhangi Dattatray Bharankar : Kabbaddi Ashwamedh Selection 2015
Mr. Akash Keshav Kale : Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection 2016
Miss Gauri Prabhakar Patil : Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection 2016
Mr. Shivam Rajeshkumar Bartakke : Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection 2017, 2018 and Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik Best Sportsman Award Winner 2019
Mr. Omkar Uday Rabase : Kabbaddi Ashwamedh Selection 2017
Mr. Vikrant Arun Sawant : Volleyball Ashwamedh Selection 2018 & 100 miter, Long Jump Ashwamedh Selection 2019
Miss. Shubhangi Kantilal Garje : Kabbaddi Ashwamedh Selection And Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik Kabbaddi Team Captain 2018, 2019
Miss. Aswini Namdev Ghode : Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection And Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences, Nashik Kho-Kho Team Captain 2018, 2019
Mr. Nitin Kashiram Hembade : Kabbaddi Ashwamedh Selection 2019
Mr. Vikas Madhu Kolekar : Volleyball Ashwamedh Selection 2019
Miss. Anusaya Govind Pawar : Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection 2019
Miss. Priyanka Devidas Padme : Kho-Kho Ashwamedh Selection 2019
Miss. Pooja Dnyaneshwar Ambawane : Kabbaddi Ashwamedh Selection 2019