Other Activities/ Camp

  1. Hospital was empanneled for the ‘Rajiv Gandhi JeevandayiArogyaYojna’, a project by government of India. Through ‘R.G.J.A.Y.’
    1. Various medical camps for awareness and screening of the patients were conducted at villages like Karambali, Nool, Honyali, Uttur, Atyal etc.
    2. Free Hearing Aidwere supplied to more than 200 patients.
  2. M.O.U. was signed in between Late KedariRedekar Hospital and ZillaParishad that is ‘LaxmichiPaule’.
    Through the scheme, L.S.C.S. and normal labour procedures are carried out in high risk pregnancy cases. In case of birth of female child the procedures are offered free of cost to encourage the prevention of female foeticide.
  3. Health Check-up Camps
    Various free health check up camps are arranged by hospital in nearby villages. Like – Aurnal (92 Patients), Batkanagle (85 Patients), Pedrewadi (145 Patients), Hajgoli (96 Patients), Shendri (90 Patients), Terni (75 Patients), Mugali (96 Patients), Koulge (450 Patients), Mumewadi (105 Patients), Hajgoli (130 Patients), Beknal (85 Patients), Aallur (85 Patients) etc.
  4. Various ‘School Health’ programmes were carried out. Like New Horizon School, Shendri (390 Student), Ghali College, Gadhinglaj(140 Student), Sarvodaya School Gadhinglaj (400 Student), JagrutiPrashala, Gadhinglaj (250 Student), VidyaMandirAurnalParvati High School, Aurnal (107 Student), Nesari High School Nesari(696Student) etc.
  5. Various blood group and Hemoglobin check up camps are also carried out for school students and women. as – SadhanaVidyalaya, Gadhinglaj (339 students), VidyaMandirManwad, Tal – Chandgad (86 students), Pedrewadi Village, Tal – Ajara (110 female patients), VidyaMandir, Karambali, Tal – Gadhinglaj (696 students), VidyaMandir, Wagharali, Tal – Ajara (104 students), Narewadi Village, Tal – Gadhinglaj (405 students) etc.
  6. ‘SuvarnaPrashanSanskar Camps’ for the children below 12 years are monthly carried out to boost up the immunity in children. Every month such camps are carried out at Ajara, Gadhinglaj, Nool and Nesari. Through which around 200-250 children were supplied SuvarnaPrashan drops.
  7. In our hospital special AyurvedPanchakarma Camps, VasantikVaman Camps, Kshar Sutra &anorectal camps are regularly conducted.
  8. Residential camp during ShriMahalaxmiYatra are arranged. Residential camp during local YatraShriKalbhairiYatra are arranged every year. Blood donation camp was arranged on 14 Sept. 2015.