Second Professioal Course


Department of Dravyaguna

The Dravyaguna department is unique in the college. The department is having 120 charts, 300 Dry medicinal plants, 100 wet medicinal plants, Navgrahavan, Shivpanchayatanvan, VatajvanaushadhiUdyan, PittajvanaushadhiUdyan, KaphajvanaushadhiUdyan, Green house, Herbal Garden. Model of drugs acting on different parts of human body.Herberium sheets are displayed on the wooden racks. The department is having CD library of 200 compilations of medicinal plants. 500 medicinal plants photographs.50 slides of medicinal plants.

The department is continuously designing, various activities to inculcivate the intrest in the student to learn the subject in effective way like spontaneous seminars, pick & speak, Dravyaguna musical chair, sloka recitation computation, Dravyaguna Act etc.

The academic result of the student in the subject is encouraging. The department is fulfilled by teaching staff (Professor, Reader & Lecturer)

Department of Rasasasthra and Bhaishajyakalpana

The department is well set in UG as well as PG teaching. The department has well equipped laboratories with advanced instrumentation. It has a very good collection of specimens, models, and charts for the conduct of practical session for the students. In the practical hall, the practical like ParadaastasamkaraKupipakwa, Pottalirasasyan are regularly conducted. Newer equipments are introduced for the preparation of various Ayurvedic formulations and for quality control. A pharmacy with all required facilities is also attached to the department for manufacturing medicines according to G.P.M. standards for the Collegiate hospitals. The PG department is all set to take up further research projects in laboratory and clinical area

Department of Agadathantra and Vidhi Ayurveda

The Department has teaching and training modules on Ayurvedic toxicology,legal medicine and forensic medicine. The department is equipped with rarest collections on toxic medicinal plants, poisonous and non-poisonous snakes and insects. Scheduled collections of charts and models to facilitate tutorials on legal medicines and medical jurisprudence are futuristic. The department conducts regular outpatient sections in the hospitals dealing with bites and stings as well as chronic, refractory skin diseases. The department plans to conduct

Department of Samhita&Sidhant

The Department deals with modules on history of Ayurveda, philosophy of Ayurveda, fundamental Principles of Ayurveda and introduction as well as briefings on various topics of Ayurveda. The Department has a library, museum and exhaustive collections of educational material for the smooth conduct of regular activities.This department helps to understand about the factors like constituency of the individual, etiology of the diseases, explanation of treatment principles etc.