Third Professioal Course


Department of PrasutiTantra&Streeroga

This Department has teaching and training modules of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Thrust is given on the traditional Ayurvedic methods in the management of gynecological as well as obstetrics conditions. All types of yoniayupads are treated with traditional Ayu. Methods like uttarbkashi, yonupichu, yonidhavan etc. and for normal delivery with mitrabasti, infertility will be treated with Phalagratauttarbasti and same oral medicine.

Department of Kaumarbhrutya

This Department focuses on pediatric and adolescent medicine. Congenital as well as progressive neurological ailments, various pediatric skin diseases and all common clinical pediatric cares are attended.

Proposed to start SwaranPrasanVidhi. Several other camps a medical exhibition was also organized by the department

Department of Rognidan and Vikrutividnyan

This department deals with Aetiopathological basis of diseases and clinical presentation. The students are exposed to the causes of topics on the diseases and are taught to examine the patients, with the help of modern tools to come at a diagnosis of rationale. The academics conduct clinical classes with the support of updated imaging technologies. A central laboratory having facilities for hematological, biochemical examinations and microbiological investigation is being established.

Department of Swasthavritha

This department entertains teaching and training modules on preventive medicine, social medicine, yoga, naturopathy, Ayurvedic nutrition and dietitics. The department develops plans of action to deal with out-break of epidemics. Various programmes are on the anvil to propagate the outstanding wellness solutions of Ayurveda. The department has yoga theatre, nature therapy provisions and organic food counters for demonstration.

Departments having various Aryuvedic& Allopathic charts & tables. We are participating various types of Asanas& Yoga practical in yoga hall.

Department of Samhita&Sidhant

The Department deals with modules on history of Ayurveda, philosophy of Ayurveda, fundamental Principles of Ayurveda and introduction as well as briefings on various topics of Ayurveda. The Department has a library, museum and exhaustive collections of educational material for the smooth conduct of regular activities. This department helps to understand about the factors like constituency of the individual, etiology of the diseases, explanation of treatment principles etc.